Thank You//All Occasion

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All Occasion... really happy with how this one turned out

Thank You


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Cute Birthday cards for summer....

Scrappin' date with Lindsay..

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My friend Lindsay came over tuesday and I've officially initiated her in the ways of the scrapper. We made three cards and we ran the gamut of embossing, daubing/stippling, blending, etc. Everything turned out beatifully so i've high hopes for her future projects. We remade three cards from my collection, here are the two I did.

Vacay Cards!

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Dressed up Notecards

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Last time I was at Winner's trolling for deals I came across some little boxes of notecards in the clearance section. There's cards and/or envelopes missing from each set i got but for the $3 i spent on each, it really doesn't matter to me. I love teeny little cards, these ones aren't very teeny they're about 5x 3 /34 in but they're cute for sure. I used embossing powder and microbeads as embellishments on the black and white ones.



Stampin' Up Goodies

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I got my new punches and inks from the Stampin Up! party we had a few weeks back. I *love* my eyelet border punch, but i expected as much. I went to Michaels and bought myself a xyron which is AWESOME! i've had my eye on the sticker maker for a while (soo much easier for ribbons) and they had a kit that came with the sticker maker, two refills for it, then a tape runner with three refills for that (at $6.50 a piece individually, this makes me very very happy) and a roll of double sided photo tape. The kit was $40 but since i had a 50% off coupon for Michaels, i paid $20. Best. deal. ever. ... More photos to come soon